HiPLE-ACE® (Standard carton)

The most standard heavy duty packaging material for various and wide range of applications

HiPLE-ACE®, which has become a synonym for the heavy duty corrugated carton with lighter weight and greater strength, can be custom designed according to the specific requirement by each and every customer. We add the custom- made feature on top of the standard and basic specification of the carton so that our customers can enjoy creative and innovative logistic system which allows less workload for packing and unpacking by best fitting design for the packed substance.

HiPLE-ACE® (Standard carton)

Example of the packaging design of HiPLE-ACE® (Standard carton)

The design can be changed flexibly depending on the shape of the packed substance or the effectiveness of the workload for packing and unpacking.

  • Style 0201 (RSC)

    Style 0201 (RSC)

    The attached palette is double wings.

  • Style 0310 (DDC)

    Style 0310 (DDC)

    Combination of SLV and STC up and down

  • Style 0709(FPSS W/POSF)

    Style 0709 (FPSS W/POSF)

    Combination of five panels with cap and end plates

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Case of using HiPLE-ACE® (Standard carton)