Ultra-waterproof corrugated carton with water resistant layer on the surface of liner

When transporting watery vegetables and fruits, even if the box gets wet, it still maintains sufficient strength. This corrugated carton can be used under extreme severe conditions and is best fit to pack frozen food, items used under the rain, watered before packed, or packed with ice.

Main usages Primary items
Perishable food, etc

Features of HiPLE-ACE® (USPC)

  1. Coated with water-resistant solvent
    to ensure strength and durability

    By coating the water-resistant solvent on the surface of HiPLE-ACE®, it achieves the great strength and durability equivalent to those of the conventional packaging with wooden box and styrene foam. In addition, the solvent is 100% recyclable which is an advantageous feature for environmental protection.

    Waterproof processing
    Waterproof processing
  2. Recyclable

    Unlike styrene foam, plastic or wax-impregnated corrugated cartons, it is 100% recyclable as the conventional waste paper. When being disposed, it can be mixed with wasted conventional corrugated carton, so there is no need for the additional cost for sorting or special waste treatment.

  3. Excellent assurance for food safety

    Food safety assurance has been confirmed by the analysis test by “Japan Food Research Laboratories”.
    ・Heavy metal: not detected
    ・Phenolic compound: not detected
    ・Formaldehyde: not detected

Case of using HiPLE-ACE® (USPC)