Quality and Environment Policy

We provide the best service through the integrated system of
logistics consulting and production system.

We have established the best system through complete quality control operation. As the best partner of our customers, we are contributing to improving international competitiveness. Kansai Plant and Kasumigaura Plant (Oji Container Co., Ltd.) installed the latest equipment, and provide a reassurance and satisfaction with a complete production system and a global standard ISO9001 quality system.

Introduction of environmental protection plant
Kansai Plant
Kansai Plant
Kansai Plant
Since the birth of HiPLE-ACE® in 1974, it has been a leader in the heavyduty carton industry in Japan and Asia, thanks to its excellent technology and know-how cultivated over many years. Currently it is the main plant of HiPLE-ACE® in western Japan.
Kasumigaura Plant
Kasumigaura Plant
Kasumigaura Plant (Oji Container Co., Ltd.)
The plant is the production base of HiPLE-ACE® in eastern Japan, with the latest systems and equipment. In addition, this plant is also friendly to the surrounding environment.
Oji Group Environmental Charter
Basic Policy
Oji Group will carry out business activities in harmony with the environment on a global scale and contribute to the realization of a truly prosperous and sustainable society. For this reason, we will strive to further improve the environment and actively promote forest recycling, paper recycling and measures to deal with global warming.
The Oji Group Environmental Charter requires the Oji Group to help create a truly enriched and sustainable society by developing business activities that harmonize with the environment from a global perspective. The Charter call for Oji Group to make autonomous efforts to achieve further environmental improvement, and aggressively drive its forest recycling, paper recycling, and global warming countermeasures forward.
Action Guidelines
  1. Promotion of Forest Recycling
  2. Promotion of Paper Recycling
  3. Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures
  4. Reinforcement of Environmental Improvement Measures and Environmental Management System
  5. Development of Production Technology and Products that Minimize environmental Impact
  6. Reduction and Effective Utilization of Waste
  7. Transfer of environmental Protection Technology to Other Countries
  8. Building Relationship of Trust with Stakeholders