Value Analysis Flowchart

Unique VA (value analysis) flow chart to generate best plan

Set Objectives
1Understand the current system and identify problems
Confirm the grade and usage of heavy duty packaging materials, personnel needed for packaging operation and other logistics factors and topics, then study and discuss the improvement plan.
2Set improvement objectives and make improvement plans
Set objectives, such as reducing volume, reducing the weight of packaging materials, reducing working hours, etc. Put forward improvement countermeasures according to the requirements of customers.
Effectively use 3D data to create new value Effectively use 3D data to create new value

Effectively use 3D data to create new value

In addition to making drawings through 3D-CAD, we archive them to build a various case example database of HiPLE-ACE®.
Therefore, we can show a datum that is likely to meet the customer's logistics requirement even in the first phase of design in order to make sure the design quality, and help customers to implement a production plan in a timely manner.

Structure Design
3Design and production of sample
Trial production of sample according to the improvement objectives and plan. According to the characteristics of each industry and product, design and produce sample according to logistics conditions.
4Packaging cargo test
Carry out the compression, dropping, impact and vibration tests respectively which specified in JIS Z 0200, and report test results to the customer.
5Transportation trial and transportation test
Confirm the arrival status through the trial shipment, and finally sort out the problem points.
6Comprehensive assessment
Based on the comprehensive analysis of various test results, the VA proposal is formulated.
7Adoption and delivery
Delivery through regional intensive fabricator, also support small batch and short delivery time. Then continue to follow up.

Products lineup of HiPLE-ACE®

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