High-performing material with more than 40 years of production history.

As high-performing corrugated carton, HiPLE-ACE® offers excellent quality features of lighter weight and greater strength. The history of Oji Interpack is all along with the history of HiPLE-ACE®. The company has accumulated a wealth of production experience for so many years. Even from the aspect of environmental protection, this packaging material conforms to such increasing demand toward the future.

Features of HiPLE-ACE®

Contribute to reduce the cost and the workload at the customer’s end by its excellent quality features


Being a substitute for wood and steel for heavy duty packaging material, HiPLE-ACE® has been the first choice by the major corporations who trust this brand on the global basis. The product offers many excellent quality characteristics, such as good impact absorption, enormous durability and lighter weight which allow less freight cost and better loading efficiency. In addition, this material is 100% recyclable. As the heavy duty packaging material which conforms to the requirements by today’s world, it attracts robust attention of various business segments concerned.

Features of HiPLE-ACE®

Products lineup of HiPLE-ACE®

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