Oji Group
※No experience required. Welcome inexperienced salesperson※

Job Contents

Duties to be assigned is to propose and sell the special packaging materials (triple flute corrugated board) for heavy goods for export (machine, unit parts for automotive and etc.) to the logistic department of the manufacturers.
This is a proposal-type business through deep hearings, utilizing Oji Group network.

To hold hearing about the characteristics (weight, precautions in transportation, etc.) of the products transported by the customers, as well as the current packaging method and logistic cost. → To propose customized transportation packaging according to the requirements of the customers, and explain the benefit to reduce the logistic cost and environmental impact, and connect the contract.

Consult with the internal engineering department to study the packaging shape and transportation method. → Prototype production → Carry out transportation test and get practical application. It takes three to six months to be commercialized.

[Business Style]
Mainly direct going / direct leaving type sales business
Normal car license is required.

[About our Products]
Our strategic product "HiPLE-ACE®" is "high-performance triple flute corrugated board", with light weight, strong and excellent performance.
Instead of wood and steel, it is widely used as heavy duty packaging materials of mechanical / automotive parts / computer related / metal / non-ferrous metal / chemical / ceramics and so on. We have won the trust of many companies.

Working Place

Working place:

head office, domestic bases, overseas bases

Please indicate the working place that you want in the application form.

There is a possibility of job transfers in the future.

Working Hours

According to the employment regulation of each base.
For example, 8:30-17:30 (regular working hours: 8 hours, rest time: 1 hour)

Employment Pattern

Permanent Employee


Estimated annual revenue: 4-6 million yen
※Extra pay for overtime
※In case of working abroad, overseas work allowance will be paid separately

Salary increase

Salary increase once a year (July)


Bonus twice a year (June, December)

Welfare Treatment

<Various Allowances>

・Housing Allowance
The following housing allowance shall be paid according to the working years.
However, if the employee is not the head of the household, the payment amount will be halved.

  • Less than 1 year10,000 yen
  • 1 year or more and less than 3 years15,000 yen
  • 3 years or more25,000 yen
・Family Allowance
  • Dependent spouse15000 yen
  • Dependent Child5000 yen
<Various Systems>
  • ・Complete social insurance (work injury, employment, health insurance, welfare annuity)
  • ・Company housing available (only for employees transferred for company reasons)
  • ・Retirement allowance system
  • ・Long term service award
  • ・Property savings
  • ・Employee Shareholding association
  • ・Training system (correspondence education)

Holidays and Vacations

[125 days off in a whole year]
  • ※Another 3-day annual leave is planned
  • ・Two days off a week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • ・Public holiday
  • ・Summer holiday (5 days)
  • ・New Year’s holiday (12/30-1/3)
  • ・Congratulation and condolence leave (paid leave)
  • ・Paid leave
  • ・Saving holidays
  • ・Maternity leave and nursing leave (acquired)

Application Method

Please apply from “Inquiry” of the official website.

Selection Process

*** Selection will made quickly ***
[STEP1] Application
[STEP2] Interview (2 times planned)
The first interview: sales supervisor and director interview
The second interview: Executive interview and adaptability inspection
※The round-trip transportation fee will be provided according to the regulations.

[STEP3] Official job offer
※Interview day and joining timing will be adjustable. Employed person also can apply.


Person in charge: Tajiri, general affairs and personnel department
mail :
tel : 03-6327-1021 (reception time: 8:45-17:15 on weekdays)