Company profile

Company Name
Oji Interpack Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date
February 4, 1974
213.75 million yen
President Yukihiro Mizuno
Main banks
Mizuho Bank Uchisaiwaicho Business Department
Main business
  • Production and sales of heavy duty packaging material "HiPLE-ACE"(triple flute corrugated carton)
  • Manufacture and sale of Tough Pak (returnable containers)
  • Production and sales of special packaging and packaging materials
  • Processing and sales of accessories for heavy duty packaging and box making machinery
  • Packaging consultants and services
  • Production and sales of auto parts

Organization Chart of Oji Holdings

We develop our business in a wide range of fields closely related to our social life, such as industrial materials, household and consumer products, printing and communication media, functional materials, forest resources and environment.

Oji Group has established its technology and quality as a pioneer of in paper production in Japan. Oji Holdings Co., Ltd. and group company set "Creation of Innovative Value", "Contribution to the Future and the World" and "Harmony with Nature and Society" as Management Philosophy, we are providing the stable supply of paper which is essential for society and life, and striving management reform and technology development, promoting business in various fields to achieve a more excellent social life through our business.

Oji Interpack Co., Ltd., as a core of Corrugated container processing business of Oji Group, continue further sustainable development through active cooperation with other companies in order to achieve more excellent future for everyone.


Introduction of business

Industrial Materials and Household and Consumer Products company
Folding carton and packaging paper, non-woven fabric and other paper products closely related to daily life are handled.
Printing and Communication Media Company
The paper products used as information transmission media, such as newspaper, printing, publishing and information paper are handled.
Functional Materials Company
High value-added special paper and functional paper, and various films utilizing sheeting and coating technology are produced.
Forest Resources and Environment Marketing Company
Utilizing forest resources in Japan and overseas, engage in lumber and forestation business, pulp business, renewable energy related business, etc.