Privacy Policy
Personal Information Protection Policy of Oji Interpack Co., Ltd.

We believe it is our social responsibility to properly handle the personal information and establish following privacy policy as the platform to protect and adequately manage the personal information. This policy shall be fully obeyed by all the employees including board of directors of the company. Our focus is not only on working out just the fixed written policy but also on exercising the continuous improvement of its contents flexibly according to the result of auditing on the actual implementation status of the policy on a regular basis.

  1. 1. We shall comply with the laws on personal information protection and related policy and guidelines issued by the government office.
  2. 2. We shall establish the solid internal system for personal information protection by working out the regulations and rules along which proper management on the acquisition and usage of such information shall be exercised with full respect.
  3. 3. Acquired personal information shall be handled strictly in accordance with our regulation on the usage of such information.
  4. 4. Acquired personal data shall not be disclosed to any third party except the cases which fall under any of the following;
    1. (1) When subject individual agrees
    2. (2) When the information is disclosed or submitted in the format of statistical data which does not allow the third party to identify such particular individual.
    3. (3) When it is a lawful requirement
    4. (4) When, even without the consent of the subject individual, the personal information is required to protect the life or the property of other persons.
    5. (5) When, even without the consent of the subject individual, the personal information is specifically required for the improvement of public health or proceeding of sound juvenile welfare.
    6. (6) When it is mandatory to cooperate with the government or local public organizations for the sake of execution of their duty which may be disrupted if the subject individual becomes aware of the case due to the company’s request for his or her consent.
    7. (7) When submitting the personal information to Oji’s group companies listed in the following statement of “Co-use of the personal information among Oji’s group companies”.
  5. 5. We shall conduct the protection measures to prevent the personal data from being illegally accessed, lost, destroyed, altered, leaked and if the accident may happen, we shall immediately take corrective action accordingly.
  6. 6. We shall accept the request to disclose, delete or amend the filed personal data according to the company policy provided the applicant is identified as the subject individual and this action does not violate the law.
  7. 7. We outsource part of our office work to the third party to rationalize our workload and there is the case that we entrust the part of the job to manage the personal information to such third party. When doing so, we shall instruct them to control such information in a stringent manner as we do.

Purpose of using the personal informationWe shall use the personal information acquired only for the purpose of providing the information on our products or services to the customers, improving the quality of our products and services, responding to the inquiries by the customers, and promoting our business agenda going forward.

Contact on Personal Information Protection Oji Interpack Co., Ltd
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